Let remaining years focus—at any age

Now over 75, I’m experiencing my “third chapter living,”  a bit more intensely. Maybe intense is not the word. Maybe with a new convergence of a slower pace and a consciousness of “remaining years,” I have simply found more purpose and more focus.

However, I was reminded at the gym today that this “prompt” of remaining years can come at any age. Striking up a conversation with a beautiful and overweight woman, persistently doing her routine on a Nautilus machine, I wondered out loud how long she had been coming and what her motivation might be. Continue reading

Kayleen Asbo’s New Year Blessing

I love the early days of January. Not only is it my birthday month, but it is the perfect time to look backward and appreciate, assess, ponder the past, AND to look forward living well in the future.Janus

The poem below, from a friend,  was too beautiful and too on target with my own thoughts about choosing to make this 2016 new year fresh, meaningful, and alive for each one of us. Continue reading

Random Acts of Kindness

Today, on my 76th birthday, I found in my mailbox a single York Peppermint wrapped in a note that wished me Happy Birthday. I had received one last year on my 75th, and the previous year on my 74th. The tiny candy came from an 88-year old, 13-year resident of our senior community who, as it happens, has been routinely giving these mints to everyone on their birthdays for years.Happy Birthday

When I found Jane to thank her, she said: “As principal of my elementary school, I gave every child a small token on their birthday. I didn’t want anyone to feel unnoticed on their special day. Being way beyond elementary school doesn’t diminish the need of all my fellow residents to feel recognized.” Continue reading