Third Chapter Conversations—Because We Are “Mortal”

Why do I talk so much about the need for “third chapter conversations”? Although the moniker has not yet entered common parlance, and may never,  I’d like to share why it has so much importance for me.

In reaching 60, or thereabouts, I believe we do enter a new chapter of life. We feel it for sure. Our pace is slower, we ache, we contemplate retirement, or the need to not retire, and we find ourselves ending up with more than usual doctor’s visits, and some uncertainties about “what’s next?” Continue reading

A Creative “Unretirement”

I found another one!  A creative man, making use of his days doing what he is good at and loves…no matter his age. He’s a member of the gym crowd at the local YMCA, which sources my many inspirations for blog posts.

Today, I am introducing 65-year old Terry Murphy.  A retired coach, professor, and bookstore manager from Holyoke Community College, he spends his summers mentoring boys ages 9 – 18 in a division 3 league of his own creation. Continue reading

Let remaining years focus—at any age

Now over 75, I’m experiencing my “third chapter living,”  a bit more intensely. Maybe intense is not the word. Maybe with a new convergence of a slower pace and a consciousness of “remaining years,” I have simply found more purpose and more focus.

However, I was reminded at the gym today that this “prompt” of remaining years can come at any age. Striking up a conversation with a beautiful and overweight woman, persistently doing her routine on a Nautilus machine, I wondered out loud how long she had been coming and what her motivation might be. Continue reading