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In 2000, at 60, my writing life began. As a therapeutic response to a life changing diagnosis of MS, I starting writing purely for my own therapy, and was encouraged to make my thoughts more widely available .  By the time I had reached 72, three books were available, each of which seemed to resonate with readers.

At 74, there was another 2 x 4 to the head, in the form of my younger brother’s death.  It was then that I realized that I, too,  was mortal.  I, too would die. And more importantly that I had remaining days to either use well, or waste.

Now 81,  as I look back, I’m aware that my more recent life and work has focused primarily on generating conversations about the often chaotic age stage transitions that occur when we accept our mortality. I am pleased that these changes, prompted by both awareness of one’s mortality and the unanticipated gift of longevity, are finally beginning to be part of a necessary national conversation about living and dying and mission, purpose and legacy.

My current and future focus is becoming clear.  For those who are grappling with life’s finitude, as am I, there will be other book(s). I’ll keep clarifying to myself and sharing my reflections on the challenges and delights of entering a fourth chapter of life, or whatever the academics are choosing to call this final stage of living.

In addition, I am convinced that there are important legacies that conscious agers can easily leave behind.   As we walk the path into our later years, I’m here to encourage, among the willing, the conversations and life choices that matter.

Over the last several years, I have been describing my existing 3 books and any that the reflections during  the years of covid will stimulate, my “journey books.” The fact that I as a “journey guide” and  “journey author” review life in a way that is seen as useful to others on the path, is a wonderful bonus for me.


Why Not Do What You Love? is available through Amazon, . May the books serve and enrich your journey to understand a life in process, and craft the life you want.   Please make sure you get the latest 2017 edition which does acknowledge that we age, and for our own good, we better still be doing things we love.

If you choose a signed copy with a special message from the author, please email ( to make those arrangements.


(latest recommended version 4/17)

Book: Why Not Do What You Love?

Musing Along the Way, Volume One and Volume Two, are available at Amazon. Consider them a set which reflects in poetry on my 10-year journey to hope and healing.  Interestingly enough, folks grappling with the changes and challenges and temporary despair of aging find them a useful resource.

Vol 1 – Tears, Lies and Fresh Fruit Pies (1997-2001)
Vol 2 – Pain, Persistence and Purifying Waters (2002-2008)

Books: Musing Along the Way (Volume One and Volume Two)