Hello, I’m Martha Johnson.


On this site I attempt to practice what I preach:  Bring focus to my own 80 plus years,  and, dare to claim the life I want for my remaining years.

What brings me great joy is being a life journey guide and sage sounding board for women over 70 who accept their mortality and are becoming aware that time is precious. Particularly those women who are “transitioning” into a next age-stage, whether it be a third chapter or a fourth, and find themselves confused about how to create  fulfillment and meaning and joy.                                

The act of being in any major transition requires new perspectives and new habits.   Perhaps you are faced with the l-a-r-g-e questions like:  “What are my remaining years demanding of me?”  “How can I give myself permission to finally be true to myself?” “How do I want to be remembered?  “How can I ensure a “good dying” that does not leave a mess for my children?”

Unfortunately the “gift” of an unexpected diagnosis of MS, 20+ years ago, forced me off my own career treadmill. Apparently I was not taking time to listen to my deeper needs and required an illness to get my attention. So be it.  A change was in order. In retrospect it was a very painful “initiation” to something new, I knew not what.

If some of your deep needs are requiring your attention, perhaps you will allow yourself the time, sooner than later,  to reflect on your possibilities and energize a willingness live more true to yourself. Inviting forward both clarity and courage during times when life losses are being grieved and new callings are being entertained, is one of my special gifts.

Soooooo, enjoy these pages of introduction.  I hope that no reader of these words will require a similar 2×4 to the head in the form of an illness, in order to choose to take a time out, explore the more nourishing paths you may want to create for yourself, and listen to the guidance of your heart.

May my resurgence serve as inspiration for your own.  Your name on the Martha’s Musings newsletter list ensures you a front row seat for an exploration of the new issues that begin to emerge for those in their 60’s. May every book, blog post and “legacy life topic” linked to these pages breathe life and energy into your own possibilities.