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Shoot me an email at and let me know you’d like to explore possibilities .   You’ll receive my request to give me a little more info about what you seek and we’ll go from there.  Let me explain: I am a very happy introvert.  When you start with an email, it provides me a brief heads up, a chance ponder your wishes, and make a more considered response to you.   Of course, the phone is an option, too:  413-532-2579 and leave a message.

Stay connected and updated.   

About every two (or three) months,  I send Martha’s Musings, with resources for your journey, and reflections on what’s becoming clear to me about mine.  Reflecting on the aging journey, and helping others do the same, is my life right now. This universal journey, grounded in an acceptance of mortality, whatever our age,  is the source of my mentoring and writing.  Join our newsletter community. 

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