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A Personal Note

I’m happy you found me. In early 2020, the Co-vid, repeating lockdowns, and turning 80, seemed to diminish my ability to maintain my small professional coaching practice and my bi-monthly newsletter. With peace and solitude, I turned my attention to writing about my life for the Johnson Family Archives and creating a video about my most professionally satisfying years.  After all, someone in the future may want to know “Who Was Aunt Martha, Anyway?” There will be more to come in a next book tentatively titled “Encountering Age”,  about my journey from 60 – 80+.

Truthfully, I am slowing down. But, I will admit to a continuing temptation to support the healthy, high performers of any age who find themselves temporarily stuck with important next life stage questions. My listening ears and elder life perspective are what I love to offer to whomever might seek me out.  At whatever age, you can be who you really are, and do more of what you love. There is no time like the present to access your courage to do so. 

 This website,, will remain up for however long.   I will continue to post “musings” as inspired.  For the last 8 years, these musings represent a personal window on what has captured my attention as I have moved through seemingly unending transitions.  More importantly, they may inspire the very conversations we all need to be having about meaning, purpose, learning and  growth at any age.  

In the meantime, do your best at being you,  

Martha      413-322-7028