“Martha has a way of getting to the heart of things.”    -Joanne Dunne, 65


I really appreciate your generosity and the compassionate encouragement. I feel you convey something very special, a vibration of hope and possibility, in person and in your book. It’s what I describe as ‘nourishing.'”
  – Gordon,  60.


I would definitely not have gotten through my retirement transition nearly as well as I did without your grounding and honestly shared reflections and suggestions. I’m glad I took the time to do this.”       
  – Nancy, 69.


“Over several conversations, I finally accepted that the skills I have taken for granted and perform easily are quite unique in the marketplace.   I am now getting paid well for doing what I love.”  
Don, 57


“I appreciate your validation for the whole life, as opposed to focusing primarily on occupational choices.  I think that trying to find a new way, and assuming that it will lead to a livelihood, is itself so daunting that the very thought is quashed before it even has a chance to breathe a little. So, thank you for your encouragement and presence.”  
  – Janet, 55


“Why Not Do What You Love? is a fantastic book that sparked the entrepreneurial spirit inside of me and encouraged me to keep digging deeper to figure out what I love to do.  Your willingness to share your own story reminded me that I am not the only one who has ever felt a bit of fear and uncertainty as I give birth to my vision.”      
  – Jenny, 35


“Martha is one of those rare people who not only allows you to speak your mind and finish your sentences without feeling judgment, but she’s also an astute guide who can open you up to possibilities without leading you to conclusions. Her caring and honest interest in your success is a rare quality not to be missed!  She helped me immensely to recognize the value of balancing my life and my career at an early age.”                                      
  – Angela, 32