What’s Up with the “L” word?

“Legacy” is on my mind today,  accompanied by tears. It’s a word, representing a concept, that is intimidating to some. What if we fear we have no “legacy” to leave?

book-clipart-living-legacy-e1465397137459Anyway, I’m encountering my thoughts about the subject today…apparently due to a convergence of events and memories. And so, I’ll do what I always do, write to discover what’s up. Maybe these few notions will serve as encouragement for you to take some time with this “L” word for yourself. Continue reading

We All Need a “Gig”

I was struck by an article in the local paper about a formerly impoverished young African American man, Ajmaj Jackson Brown, a recent graduate from Hampshire College. Because his interests in computers had been encouraged in high school, he found himself able to easily transition into his college classes and quickly able to support himself through college with newly acquired skills.

He noted that a very small percentage of African Americans populate the employee ranks of the high tech social media companies like Google and Facebook. His question to himself: How could he replicate his own path to success for other talented highschoolers? Continue reading