Take time for a Bruce Jenner moment

Bruce Jenner is an Olympic champion and a transgender person. Two days ago the world learned that he’s chosen to drop his male physicality and adopt the characteristics of the gender to which he’s always felt he belonged,  that of a woman.  The networks’ coverage of his interview with Diane Sawyer was respectful and informative.  Using his “coming out” as an opportunity to help people understand the nature of this transgender phenomenon, Bruce and Diane talked frankly and truthfully. In a way that listeners, myself included,  could better understand the deep pain that many transgender young people endure. Continue reading

Take time to listen for your calling

With this first post of the 2015 New Year, on my 75th birthday, I signal a shift.

Rereading what I’ve been posting throughout 2012 – 2014 on my three sites looking through the lens of a solo-ager living partway through the third chapter of life (60 – 90+),  I’m  noticing what’s been calling to me over these last years.

And then BOOM, several months ago, it finally became clear enough to share. Continue reading