What’s the secret to getting ahead?

Mark Twain suggests that it is simply “getting started.”

I must admit…the core operating principle of my Martha persona has been for most of my life,  “get clear, and get moving.” But, I’m older now. (Sometimes I need a reminder of this reality!)  I seem, these days, to be choosing a more relaxing way to do so. By starting a small daily practice…reminding myself of what I am now caring about.

img_7071Inspired by friends who shared their daily “gratitude practice” in this season of Thanksgiving, I created something I think will work for me. Since a “daily” practice is new for me, we’ll see if I can maintain it in a way that nourishes.  I’ve selected three questions which my readers will undoubtedly recognize, ones which either remind me or serve to acknowledge that I’m moving in the direction of choice as a woman soon to be 77.  They are:

  1. How am I living fully?
  2. How am I aging gracefully?
  3. How am I befriending my death?

Yesterday’s answers WERE nourishing:

  1. I traveled to the still colorful hill town of Cummington, and attended an amazing peer support group meeting for those contemplating later-in-life issues.   
  2. I made and drank my kale smoothie.  
  3. unknownI happened on an article on creating an end-of-life music play list and thought about what might be on my list.

Yes, these are small and relaxing things that I’m starting to enjoy tracking. Amazingly, they are  uncontaminated by the harsh attachments to deadline and accomplishment which previously characterized much of my personal and professional life. And, they significantly matter to my ongoing sense of health and well being.

What’s your secret to getting “ahead” at this age and stage of life?

Where is it in life you want to “get started?”

What’s your experiment of choice? 

One comment to “What’s the secret to getting ahead?”
  1. This business of getting “ahead” whatever that means to you, garnered a Jim Rohn quote that just crossed my desk:

    We must all suffer from one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs TONS.

    Something to think about.

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