What’s So for You?


The leaves are falling, the colors changing. Today I felt the chill of winter in my bones, while at the same time welcoming the warmth of finally “knowing.” My recent public “gigs” on Third Chapter Mastery™ have deepened my commitment to create spaces where those over 60 can give themselves permission to prepare for their remaining years. I want to bring clarity and courage and a regret-free third chapter life to all those who seek that result for themselves.  That’s my mission. That’s “what’s so” for me.

As I speak to groups, I note among participants a real hunger to articulate the queries that arise as they face this gift of longevity as the unexpected phenomenon it has been. “How will I navigate these next 20 or 30 or more, years?”

Those recently retired and confused about “what now?”are asking, “ What are my gifts? How are these years calling me to use them at this point in my life?”

Those who find themselves moving a bit slower, with less energy for all that they used to do are wondering, “How am I going to stay healthy and fit,  and what kind of life and living choices will allow that?”

Those who may have recently lost a parent or good friend can’t help but think, “What will be a good death for me?  And how will I prepare?”

Those who are caring for a loved one are pressured with, “How can I both care for this special person and care for myself too?”

There are also those who find themselves reviewing the life they have led and asking themselves, “In my remaining years, how can I live more true to myself?”

And there is always the question, “How am I going to finance these extended years?”

What are your questions?dscf2305

Naming “what’s so” for you could be a first step in acknowledging your questions.  It could be your own “knowing” that it is time to find a space, other like-minded explorers, and/or a guide, with whom your questions about third chapter living are safe to explore.  And your willingness to create a space where heretofore unimagined possibilities are allowed to surface.

Like the trees in this end of autumn period, I feel a shedding of what is no longer needed…both in terms of “stuff” and previously held certainties or uncertainties about who I am and what I am doing. I write feeling a new clarity of “what’s so” for this journeywoman.

May I suggest you take the time to let the changing natural world embrace you and inspire you. Your next path forward exists and is waiting to be discovered.


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