Start the New Year Wise


Beware of rushing into the “new” too fast. Resolutions, intentions, bucket lists can wait a bit. Although December is the ostensible “ending” month of our annual cycle, and January the generally accepted “beginning,” dare to take your time. December inaugurates winter,  time to hibernate and contemplate and savor our experiences of 2016. Pause to honor the past 12 months and allow clarity about what’s really calling to you for the next several years to emerge slowly.

1.Take time for Review and Reflection

  • In 2016, what has pleased you? Accomplishments? Breakthroughs? Courageous experiments? The way you handled challenges?
  • What have been your disappointments? Losses? Endings? The challenges you didn’t handle so well?
  • What have been your lessons? Your hopes? Your dreams?

2.  Take time to go deeper

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What’s So for You?


The leaves are falling, the colors changing. Today I felt the chill of winter in my bones, while at the same time welcoming the warmth of finally “knowing.” My recent public “gigs” on Third Chapter Mastery™ have deepened my commitment to create spaces where those over 60 can give themselves permission to prepare for their remaining years. I want to bring clarity and courage and a regret-free third chapter life to all those who seek that result for themselves.  That’s my mission. That’s “what’s so” for me.

As I speak to groups, I note among participants a real hunger to articulate the queries that arise as they face this gift of longevity as the unexpected phenomenon it has been. “How will I navigate these next 20 or 30 or more, years?” Continue reading

The Bucket List

So many things to think about….or just allow.

F54E2E6D-D516-4214-AA38-A1905408A957My sister-in-law came over to enjoy a swim the other day with 3 of my 6 grandchildren in tow. She immediately launched into a conversation about her “bucket list” successes. Seems that she had been having a blast doing some of the things she wanted to, while she still had the energy at 73.

She had checked off jet skiing, zip lining, and parasailing. D777B9F9-D6CA-4F04-92B1-054443076023Still to come,
someday, is jumping out of a plane. While none of these activities reside on my bucket list,  I am incurably delighted when I hear of others getting to do what they deeply want. Continue reading