Obstacles to creating

3rd chapter living coverIn our “third chapter” conversations at the Council on Aging, we talk about many things; among them the number of years we expect to live, and how we want to feel useful and fulfilled during these years. We want to make sure we are doing enough of what we love…whatever it is that keeps us sane and happy. For me it is writing and teaching, for another, leading a group, for another, gardening, and another, doing the activities on her bucket list while she still has the energy.

However, the ignored “to-do” list of the “sooner and later” tedious things, Continue reading

Do what you love

If you are getting older, pondering retirement, wondering if it might be too late to follow your dream, take your desire to do something different and wonderful seriously. You have been given a gift of longevity. Your “chapter three” years can be fully satisfying and joyful.

While the notion of “living fully” in your 50’s or 60’s or 70’s doesn’t have to mean starting a business,  it certainly could be a possibility you’d like to explore. Continue reading

Life Transitions – the good, the bad and the ugly

And so, we live in a state of “permanent white water” according to organizational consultant Peter Vaill who coined the term in the 80’s to describe the increasingly fast pace of life and work.   The boat takes more effort to stay afloat while we’re paddling to where we want to go, that is, if we even know where we want to go.

What’s “good” is that there is always something to be found in the past, present, and the surprises just around the corner, that is worthy of gratitude. Continue reading