Exploring Third Chapter Mastery™

As we speak, I am exploring for myself the issues of “mastery” required for fulfillment in my third chapter of life, the years between 60 – 90+. There is no doubt in my mind that the new awareness of my inevitable end has served to focus daily living. Questions seem to be arising with frequency.

What will it take to bring a sense of purpose, meaning, joy and peace to these days…all the way to the end?

What tasks, what practices, what changes, and what growth will be required in my outlook and my behavior for me to be at peace with my life and my living?

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Take Time…just take time

I don’t know whether it is kosher to revisit here what I just wrote on my Facebook Page.  But I feel compelled to do so.Martha

I just want you to know that my journey continues.

After a teensy bit of melanoma was removed last week,  I’m now more inspired to live up to, e.g. practice, what I have been preaching about my goals for Third Chapter Mastery™. Continue reading

Take time to share what’s on your mind

Of late I’ve been consumed with thinking about this time of my life and trying to stay conscious and present with all the emotions, the concerns, and the delights that arrive.  At 75, my body ages, following its normal biological design. No need to argue with, or deny, the facts.  At this moment, I’m not liking “being attached” to a walker, even though it’s less about age than the residue of illness, and my daily attempts to divest myself of this aid are beginning to bear fruit.  On the other hand, I am really liking feeling so young in spirit, grateful to be useful, and to be able to enjoy my glorious and refreshing summer swims. Continue reading