Third Chapter Consciousness: Key to successful aging?

Here I am again, rolling around my obsession with this particular age stage of life yet one more time. I’ve been through “third chapter living” (too vague), third chapter curriculum (too pedantic) and “third chapter mastery” (too demanding and daunting), “third chapter mystery” (too mysterious).  My mind wishes for something that also fits my gut sense, as I personally try to be conscious to what I think and what I feel as the 75 year old solo ager I am.

Today, I took a peaceful pause out among the flowers and did absolutely nothing but enjoy the beautiful weather. In that moment of emptiness, what should pop up but the phrase “third chapter consciousness”. Continue reading

Exploring Third Chapter Mastery™

As we speak, I am exploring for myself the issues of “mastery” required for fulfillment in my third chapter of life, the years between 60 – 90+. There is no doubt in my mind that the new awareness of my inevitable end has served to focus daily living. Questions seem to be arising with frequency.

What will it take to bring a sense of purpose, meaning, joy and peace to these days…all the way to the end?

What tasks, what practices, what changes, and what growth will be required in my outlook and my behavior for me to be at peace with my life and my living?

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Take Time…just take time

I don’t know whether it is kosher to revisit here what I just wrote on my Facebook Page.  But I feel compelled to do so.Martha

I just want you to know that my journey continues.

After a teensy bit of melanoma was removed last week,  I’m now more inspired to live up to, e.g. practice, what I have been preaching about my goals for Third Chapter Mastery™. Continue reading