New Questions for Consideration

It’s amazing how conversations go.  

Every Monday evening, a small group of us, all 80 plus,  gather to make sure we’re not leaving a “mess” to the next generation at our passing. One evening, as we  raised our questions and shared information on our progress, the conversation meandered to new queries invading our aging existence.

It’s fall. Time to pack up the summer wardrobe and bring out the winter one.  One of our members found herself pondering, “Will this be the last time I’ll do this?  Will I be the one who is pulling these summer clothes back out next year?”

And I’m asking myself new questions as well. Whenever I enter a new location I ask, “Is there a bathroom nearby?”  I’m now questioning activities I used to take for granted.  Do I have the energy to go to a favorite concert, driving an hour and not getting lost?”  Can I still drive safely at night?   So far it’s yes, EXCEPT if it is raining.

I am grateful to be with a group of friends, reflecting on life and death, and sharing the tasks and questions that arise in later life.  That is something I’m NOT willing to let go of…

What life questions are invading your life these days?

And with whom do you share? 

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