A New Keeping Going

It’s been 4 months since I’ve posted. Another transition in the works.

Several good friends died. And I entered another “life stage/ phase/whatever” more aware of the losses associated with the aging condition. Not so much fun, but life does go on and delivers up the  space for healing, and whatever is next that forces introspection, review and figuring out.  But, as usual, when I return to sorting, something pops up to help me gain perspective…in this case the wisdom of Jonathan Field about “that in-between space.” 

“We tend to look at the in-between space as the place we least want to be. And, yes, I know, when it lasts too long, when lingering in it becomes living in it, that’s not a great place to be.

“But here’s the thing.  The in-between, viewed a bit differently, is maybe the single most fertile ground life offers us.  If, we’re open to the experience and invitation.

“It’s a delicate balance for sure.  End of the day, the in-between is neither good, nor bad.

“It’s how we use it that makes it one or the other.

SO, IN WHAT SPACE ARE YOU THESE DAYS? And is it worth some time to stop and reflect?



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