Keeping Going Keeping Going

    My goodness!!!  My last post was written about 9 months ago. And the previous one 9 months before that!   Definitely the world has been changing along with my life. Now 83, I’m noticing how many folks have been dying around me, including recently,  my very dearest friend.   Fortunately, many of us are managing to “keep going” figuring out what’s next, during very tough times. I’m glad about that.

   This morning I felt compelled to write. So here I am.

    At the YMCA yesterday I ran into an acquaintance I hadn’t seen since before Co-Vid.  Patrick was an avid mountain climber  and determined to keep himself in shape for his favorite pastime.  So committed was he  that for years he and his buddies selected climbing challenges across our nation, from Denali to Katahdin.  In fact, many years ago he inspired me so much that I wrote a blog about his  “doing what he loved”. (My regular YMCA visits have provided illustration of the life giving purpose that nourishes me. I meet so many who care about  and act upon their commitments and passions.)

    My quick hello to Patrick was followed by my question, “Are you still climbing?”  And he launched into how he was preparing for this year’s 2023 challenge.  And then he noted in an almost whispered aside, “but I’m getting older.  I just turned 70,”

    Yes, at 83, I know the drill.  Decline is noticed, and dreams  and activities get adjusted. But choosing to keep  going keeping going,  at whatever feeds our souls, is always available. And he was visible proof of that!

     It gave me a lift.

NEWS FLASH!  Why Not Do What You Love is being updated and republished as we speak. Unlike the initial version, this one wlll at least mention “age”.

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