Clarity and choice revisited

Sometimes I just want us (me and others) to dare to say we want.

In the dressing room at the Y, I overheard two young women chatting about the wedding one of them was planning. The one about to be married was worried about bridesmaids dresses and asking for advice from her friend, who had a lot to say from her own experience of being a recent bridesmaid. It seemed to be a conversation fraught with difficulty.  Sensing the bride’s frustration trying to meet everyone’s needs, I poked my head out of the stall and offered: “This sounds complicated.” The bride sighed at all the decisions she was having to make and said, “This IS getting complicated. I don’t think I want to get married.”

I continued to participate in my own no nonsense way. “Have you thought of making it simpler and doing what’s more easy and fun for you and your fiance..” she immediately finished my sentence, “….instead of what everyone else wants?” Continue reading

There is a path…here’s one

Meg Wheatley has written a short and inspirational book entitled Perseverance (2010),  inspired by those who struggle to keep going through these times of uncertainty, difficulty, injustice, and occasional insanity.

Today, I stopped and found some nourishment from her words. Continue reading

Consider three intentions

At 75, I find my thoughts coalescing around a basic question I’m now hearing from so many folks who are on either side of  sixty. That question is, “What do I do now?” It acknowledges a deep recognition that a major life change is here, or at least around the corner. At some point, more than likely at 55, 60, or 65,  you will glimpse into the future and have the visceral epiphany that your life is actually finite. You accept that you will not be around forever, and, in the meantime, you’ve been granted some bonus years you didn’t expect.

All of a sudden the years of your life forward become a precious resource. You don’t want to waste them, and, Continue reading