Yes, we should

I notice that I started formally pondering my third chapter of life in a blog post from April 2014. A late bloomer perhaps.  As a 74-year old newly aware of my now mortal being, it was one of my initial forays into the future, after the death of my brother.  How was I going to make sense of my own remaining years upcoming?  The “third chapter” designation for the years 60 – 90+, really was beginning to resonate with me as a potential framework for my deliberations.

Although I’m trying to divest myself of “shoulds”, I’ll put this in the category of a STRONG RECOMMENDATION.  Take your own sneak peek ahead into your third chapter years, sooner than later.  Because we’re not going to come out of this life alive. Here’s a peek at where I started:  By Golly, yes we should start thinking ahead.


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