3 Life Lessons We Learn Too Late

Amazing how the entering into third chapter living promotes the notion of “knowing what I know now, I wish I had…”

Here’s three things I can share from my reflections on 75 years.

1. How you treat your body has consequences later in life. Staying flexible and eating healthy foods does matter. Really.

2. Doing things perfectly is not the perfect prescription for success it was cut out to be.

3. I am really OK and always have been.  So are you.

THE EXTRA BONUS:  It’s never too soon or too late to sit down and reflect on your own 3 or 6 or 10 lessons, and apply your own wisdom.

Right! it’s never too soon or too late to do your review and to make your list.  Nor is it too late to let that wisdom serve you, provided it is not contaminated by any “should.”

For me, since reflecting on what I wish my younger self had known, I am noticing I can avoid gluten with more rigor and ease, and my exercises are easily becoming a daily priority. What I am also noticing is that it’s much less stressful, and more fun, to be in flow and “failing” regularly while playing, experimenting, and seeing what works.

And, finally, I am noticing that I seem to be more easily celebrating the “who I am” who has lived to 75 and is now having a terrific time with all the life writing that this reflection has prompted.

What’s on your list? You, too, have lived a life of x-many years. What are your lessons so far? What do you wish your younger self would have known?

AND MOST IMPORTANT, are you aware that it is not too late to apply these lessons to yourself RIGHT NOW, and begin living forward your hard-won wisdom?

Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s never too late!

I welcome your lessons and comments.

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