A thought for the New Year

A good life is an intentional life.

I will not define myself as a reaction to who others want me to be. Nor be ruled by meaningless distraction or maniacal busyness without purpose. I am here to live, not surrender. To embrace meaning. To love unconditionally. To give without expectation. To settle into solitude. To make meaning. To participate not watch. To create not copy. To be unapologetically me. To rise up and help others rise .

I believe that this moment seeds every moment. Vulnerability is a virtue. Life is growth, stagnation is death. Presence beats presents. Compassion is a gateway to connection. Life is a co-creative process . With rare exception, everything is better when it is shared.

These things I know. These things on my best days, I aspire to live. And yes, I am now and always will be a work in progress. It’s called being human. A good life is not a place at which I arrive, it is a lens through which I see and create my world. It is lived this moment. And the next. And the next.

This “intention” was unearthed by author, thought leader, and serial entrepreneur Jonathon Fields when he was “cleaning out” the several year old files of his own notes to himself . He shared it with his readers and I share it with mine.

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