the Mystery of Legacy

Yes, I want my life to have mattered to the world.  And yes, I want my life to matter to me.  The first others will decide.  For the second I can review, reflect, reevaluate my skills and interests and passions.  I can listen to what’s deeply calling to me, and recreate at any moment, a life that more fully matters to me. 

At whatever time you are called to STOP to make some changes,   whether it be in your fifties, your sixties, your seventies, or even your eighties (in my case it was my seventies), we have the remaining days in which to create a joyful, meaningful life, a life we won’t be regretting on our deathbeds.  Daring to give that gift to ourselves, likely gives us the best chance to have others also notice that how we lived may have left its mark. 

It’s never too late to think about how we want to be remembered, and to do something about it.  That being so, the Peer Spirits of Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea  suggest the paradoxical nature of the matter:

“Legacy is not up to us:  legacy is a decision made by those who go on after us.   Our job is to keep depositing the best of ourselves in as many ways as we can, for as long as we can, and to lay down at the end of our lives, trusting the mystery”.

So be it!

What is the best of yourself that’s calling for your attention?

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