Legacy 101 – 5 Questions to Ponder

The end of each year always prompts me to look back and look forward.  Over the last months as I contemplate entering my 80th year, I’ve been thinking about how and if my life will have mattered  And thus…I’ve been led to to the topic of legacy.  Enjoy my ponderings on the subject.

It’s a given that we all leave legacies…both positive and negative…whether we area aware of it or not. That means we can also choose to be a bit more conscious and INTENTIONAL about them.  At the very least about not leaving a mess to our children.  And beyond that, perhaps even leaving something behind that the next generation will cherish.

In the process of pondering this myself, and frankly, experimenting with software on my computer, I created Legacy 101 – 5 Questions to Ponder. It’s a 9-minute slide show which references some questions to get us started.    Even more important than thinking about them for ourselves is using them to start conversations with others.  When we share our ideas, we always learn something, and, we are likely to get inspired to act on whatever we need to do next.

Link to legacy slide show


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