Don’t die leaving your gifts ungiven

One of my inspirations is my neighbor Joan.  She loved to sing and did so professionally as a soprano for most of her life .  Recognizing that one day her voice would no longer be her easy joy, she prepared for that day.   She took piano lessons, learned to play, and started volunteering her time at senior residences leading popular sing-a-longs.  She insisted that music would still be a part of her life and her gift to others.  What a smart lady!  When she, now a resident herself, comes into our lobby and sits down at the piano to practice, the neighbors gather round with great pleasure.

And then there’s the inspiration of those creative types you find when you visit  the internet.  Street Art is becoming a trend.  Artists with a crazy streak have found a way to have fun out there, creating joy for everyone else. Check out bored for an article about a street genius running wild in New York.  The photos are hilarious.

Once arriving at the ages of 60 or 70, many more years await us. Much of our life has been lived. So?  Now, what about the rest of it?    Longevity is either a gift or a curse….depending on how we choose to manage the days remaining to us.

Soooo…which of your many gifts have been hibernating life long and might be calling out for expression? 

Or, what is the expertise you’ve enjoyed amassing in the workplace for decades and where else would it be fun and useful to share it?

The world is waiting for you.

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