Life Transitions – the good, the bad and the ugly

And so, we live in a state of “permanent white water” according to organizational consultant Peter Vaill who coined the term in the 80’s to describe the increasingly fast pace of life and work.   The boat takes more effort to stay afloat while we’re paddling to where we want to go, that is, if we even know where we want to go.

What’s “good” is that there is always something to be found in the past, present, and the surprises just around the corner, that is worthy of gratitude.

What feels “bad and sad” is that sometimes you just have to own up and say good bye to people, things, and even dreams:  the kids are out on their own, the job is no longer satisfying, or even viable,  and you don’t have as much energy as you used to. Life is turning out to be not what you expected and you’ve got 30 more years to live it.

What’s sometimes “ugly” is the recognition that change and the accompanying chaotic and emotional transitions will always be with us and we best figure out how to get down and dirty to both cooperate with them and  guide them. “Work” on our part is necessary.  Finding or creating something  good.  Telling the truth about what needs to be addressed. Getting on with it.  Playing with a normal process with more grace and ease.

“To put the right names on the apparent ‘ugly’ parts of change is the beginning of wisdom.”

Wisdom, clarity, and perspective can take us back to good!

Here’s some helpful hints for good paddling!


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