We All Need a “Gig”

I was struck by an article in the local paper about a formerly impoverished young African American man, Ajmaj Jackson Brown, a recent graduate from Hampshire College. Because his interests in computers had been encouraged in high school, he found himself able to easily transition into his college classes and quickly able to support himself through college with newly acquired skills.

He noted that a very small percentage of African Americans populate the employee ranks of the high tech social media companies like Google and Facebook. His question to himself: How could he replicate his own path to success for other talented highschoolers? Continue reading

A Creative “Unretirement”

I found another one!  A creative man, making use of his days doing what he is good at and loves…no matter his age. He’s a member of the gym crowd at the local YMCA, which sources my many inspirations for blog posts.

Today, I am introducing 65-year old Terry Murphy.  A retired coach, professor, and bookstore manager from Holyoke Community College, he spends his summers mentoring boys ages 9 – 18 in a division 3 league of his own creation. Continue reading

Paradox of Aging

Life happens, and life is chosen.  Both are true.

And they are true for most of one’s life.   With, I would say, an emphasis on the making good choices part.  However, as one who is aging into an elderhood I did not foresee,  I have become more definitely aware of  the “life happens” part.

“Aging” is not a word people like to use these days… Continue reading