What’s the secret to getting ahead?

Mark Twain suggests that it is simply “getting started.”

I must admit…the core operating principle of my Martha persona has been for most of my life,  “get clear, and get moving.” But, I’m older now. (Sometimes I need a reminder of this reality!)  I seem, these days, to be choosing a more relaxing way to do so. By starting a small daily practice…reminding myself of what I am now caring about.

img_7071Inspired by friends who shared their daily “gratitude practice” in this season of Thanksgiving, I created something I think will work for me. Since a “daily” practice is new for me, we’ll see if I can maintain it in a way that nourishes.  I’ve selected three questions which my readers will undoubtedly recognize, ones which either remind me or serve to acknowledge that I’m moving in the direction of choice as a woman soon to be 77.  They are:

  1. How am I living fully?
  2. How am I aging gracefully?
  3. How am I befriending my death?

Yesterday’s answers WERE nourishing: Continue reading

Random Acts of Kindness

Today, on my 76th birthday, I found in my mailbox a single York Peppermint wrapped in a note that wished me Happy Birthday. I had received one last year on my 75th, and the previous year on my 74th. The tiny candy came from an 88-year old, 13-year resident of our senior community who, as it happens, has been routinely giving these mints to everyone on their birthdays for years.Happy Birthday

When I found Jane to thank her, she said: “As principal of my elementary school, I gave every child a small token on their birthday. I didn’t want anyone to feel unnoticed on their special day. Being way beyond elementary school doesn’t diminish the need of all my fellow residents to feel recognized.” Continue reading