Paradox of Aging

Life happens, and life is chosen.  Both are true.

And they are true for most of one’s life.   With, I would say, an emphasis on the making good choices part.  However, as one who is aging into an elderhood I did not foresee,  I have become more definitely aware of  the “life happens” part.

“Aging” is not a word people like to use these days… Continue reading

Gratitude has no age limit

In this November month, whether we occupy our first, second, or third chapter of our lives, or in the transition zones in between, let us remember that we can always choose to be grateful.

Journey through lifeSometime it is easy, as in when friends show up in varieties of ways to demonstrate that we are supported in this world. Continue reading

Obstacles to creating

3rd chapter living coverIn our “third chapter” conversations at the Council on Aging, we talk about many things; among them the number of years we expect to live, and how we want to feel useful and fulfilled during these years. We want to make sure we are doing enough of what we love…whatever it is that keeps us sane and happy. For me it is writing and teaching, for another, leading a group, for another, gardening, and another, doing the activities on her bucket list while she still has the energy.

However, the ignored “to-do” list of the “sooner and later” tedious things, Continue reading