Contemplation, Conversation, and Courage

Here we are 10 months into a new and unanticipated reality. Headlined by a corona virus pandemic! 

      Personally, during this time I have felt myself strongly invited to deal with deeper levels of my own truths, my judgements, my own beliefs about my possibilities, my needs, and my remaining days.  I suspect I am not unique.    We are, if we so choose,  revisiting our lives, and perhaps even growing through some major changes.

Since what we knew and were confident about one year ago, has turned upside down into confusion and uncertainty, is this a time to contemplate our lives as we have lived them? Is this a time to create afresh?  Is this a time to reveal tears and anguish?  Is this a time for hope?  Is this a time to learn something new, or see something differently? 

Words that last year at this time were just words, now loom large with raw meanings and new challenges and very new personal significances.  For me, the following words in our basic vocabulary have, over the past 10 months,  gained a new depth, and sparked a new personal relevance.  How about the following: 

Surrender, patience, compassion, love, charity, values, struggle, life and death, black life, grief, loss, gratitude, giving, cooperation, leadership, freedom, division, unity, disaster, distress, depression, dignity, family, community, suffering, loneliness, solitude, priorities, service, kindness, health, certainty, hope.  

And that’s probably the short list. What word is most calling for your attention RIGHT NOW, whether on this list or not? 

  • What word symbolizes an arena in which you have grown this year?  

Let’s remember that conversation requires both speaking and listening, and maybe some ground rules. Non-reflective complaining might signal the need for a gentle question like, “What are you needing?”  Or, “What are you feeling?”  

  • What word(s) represent a new view of life and mission that has visited you during these months?
  • What word invites you to think differently about your life, and might spark a nourishing level of conversation with friends and family?  

Words (ideas) do matter: 

I believe this chaotic Christmas Season calls for contemplation and deeper conversations.  WORDS could start us off.   Do we dare to reveal our emerging truths about what is becoming clear to us?

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