“I like to do many things”

“I like to do a lot of things” said David Neill, 65, organizer and trombone player in the Dixieland Stomp musical group whose packed house concert  I attended a few days ago in Huntington.   

No surprise to my readers, I’m always attracted to folks who do exactly what they love.  So, of course, I stayed after the concert to talk to this man. 

David is a retired insurance broker and business owner.  Ten years ago, at 55, he started thinking ahead.  His question was very focused:  “What am I going to do in my next chapter of life…in retirement?”  One of his answers was  apparently “ to double down on my music.” 

He started exploring his idea for a retirement gig well before retirement.  And such a gig it is. Over several years, he organized 10, YES,  TEN musical groups for hire.   Of course he and his trombone are members of each of them.   On the linked website, you can view the unique variety of groups, and the professional musicians involved, most of them semi-retired.

And, please treat yourself to  a 2 -minute break and some Dixieland Stomp music CLICK RIGHT HERE.  

An entrepreneur at heart, David says:  “I’ve created  fresh new dynamic music for weddings and concerts.

Yes he has.

What an inspiration to see someone having planned ahead so joyfully to do exactly what he loves in his third chapter of life. What fun to see some who likes to do a lot of things…and keeps experimenting with ways to do them.

And a question for you:  

What do YOU love to do?  And how can you do more of it?

At ANY age.



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