Permission: Your precious resource

Life gets more fun when you give yourself permission to first ENTERTAIN your own ideas about what you want in life,  and then maybe even FIND THE COURAGE to do something about them.  Despite uncertainties about the outcome. 

For years, I’ve been following the life trajectory of Jason,  a 23+ish lifeguard at the YMCA pool I frequent.  He recently graduated from Westfield with a degree that allows him to teach in the public schools.  I always wondered why he seemed to always have so little enthusiasm for his chosen major, and felt in my bones that this guy wasn’t cut out for that role, at least in a public school classroom.

The other day I learned that he had graduated. So, I inquired about his hopes, and his search process for landing a teaching job.

“I’ve changed my mind.” he said. “I’m going over to STCC and get certified in auto mechanics.”  His mood had significantly shifted to exuberant.  He always loved working on cars and couldn’t wait. 

I have only guesses as to why he had previously ignored his true love as a career calling. Maybe the auto mechanic was deemed to have less “prestige” than the role of teacher, in his eyes, or in the eyes of his parents.  Whatever the reason, he now gave himself permission to certify himself for something he loved.

I was thrilled!

The over 60 crowd who are dealing with their own “what next?” dilemmas might well do the same. Listen to the whispers of your soul. Give yourself permission to play in the realm of your own longings, no matter what they are. Invite your self-censor to take a back seat in the conversation.

For everyone of any age who is engaging in deliberations about their next stage of life, please access the resource you already own:   GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to imagine a future that gives you joy and FIND THE COURAGE to do something about it.  

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