Don’t miss programs

I am enjoying facilitating/participating in,  the following gatherings. The first two are sponsored by Holyoke Community College.  Check out the brochure.


Tuesday afternoon, April 24th 1:00 – 3:30.  CAN WE TALK?  An opportunity to share the wide range of issues about which you are going to need to talk to someone, as you think ahead about your third chapter of life.

2. AFFORDABLE PROGRAM. $83.00 (includes book)

Three Tuesday afternoons, May 1st to 15th, WHY NOT DO WHAT YOU LOVE?  Dare to explore what your third chapter might look like if you were to pay attention to your unique gifts and the the mind set which gives you permission to use them.  This is a powerful program for those who have the courage to rethink their later life opportunities and possibilities.

3. SOMETHING NEW with the Family Biz Center

For fun, I became part of a presenter group at the Family Business Center’s April meeting.  Each of us speaks for 7 minutes following the “pecha kucha”model (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide). An exercise in creativity for sure. My topic LEGACY 101.   Should be a blast!