The Author

Hello and Welcome… 

In 2000, at 60, my writing life began. As a therapeutic response to a life changing diagnosis of MS,  I starting writing purely for my own therapy, and was encouraged to make my thoughts more widely available .

To make things easy for myself, I, Martha, became my own publisher for each of my three books.  It took a checking account and a credit card. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that as the best path for everyone, it has served my needs well.

Now 82, looking back at the books and the process on-going,  I’m receiving more and more feedback about how much my published “musings” are speaking to those who are in the middle of their own chaotic age-stage transitions.

And, of course, life’s journey is ongoing.  There is more to be expressed.  For those who are grappling with an awareness of their mortality, as am I,  there will be other books. Currently, I am reflecting on the challenges and delights of entering my fourth, and likely final, chapter of life.

I now am calling my existing 3 books and those that will follow, my “journey books.”  The fact that this “journey guide” and this “journey author” reviews life in a way that is seen as useful to others on the path, is a wonderful bonus for me.

Books are easily available:

Why Not Do What You Love?   (final update 2017) is available through Amazon,  Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and many other popular online stores.  Note:  The first edition of this book (2010) was definitely a book for folks entering their third chapter of life with all their what next? questions.    No mention of “aging” until the last updated edition (2017) when  my perspective of inhabiting another next chapter of life emerged.  While doing what one loves is a lifelong essential, a few other essentials surface as one ages.

Musing Along the Way, Volume One and Volume Two, are available at Amazon.