Am I Willing ?

“Are you willing to have what you say you want?”

“What a question!  Of course I am!”

Yet, if your life, or your work, or your dreams do not seem to be moving the way you’d like, maybe a part of you has not been willing to make it so.  Perhaps,  just perhaps, there are conflicting motivations, invisible to you,  in your mind and heart.

How might we uncover those mixed motivations?

Since 1980, during my mid career years, I realized that, with the help of some of my teachers, inquiring into my own personal “willingness” was a critical component in helping me get the results I wanted in my life. I now see it as a matter of taking very deep responsibility for whether “all of you” is aligned and cooperating with what you say you want to be, do or have.

And “willingness,” or it’s lack, can show up anywhere.   Even at the starting gate, when folks are initially trying to clarify what exactly they do want in life.   Don’t be surprised if the question: “So, why might you not be willing to even KNOW what you really want?”  comes in handy.  The answers may surprise you.

Over the years, my Signature Questions tend to be core:

  • What do you really want?
  • Why might you be unwilling to have it?
  • What are you going to do about it?

It is that second question that elicits the most skepticism.  Seems unnecessary that we might want to probe into what we’ve already said we want, and search for the reasons we might NOT want it.  But it has always made tons of sense to me, and to the many clients who have benefited from the archeological excursion.

As I’ve learned,  just about everything in life is possible.  Therefore, if it doesn’t seem that way to you, or, you are not getting the results you hope for, you might want to explore how you may be unintentionally, and unconsciously, blocking those very ends.  It’s not your fault that you block yourself.  There is no blame in this game. Yet it becomes your responsibility on your journey to results,  to ascertain how you may be getting in your own way.

So,  I respectfully offer you a way to do a “willingness check” with yourself.

Chapter 16 of Why Not Do What You Love?  linked here below, addresses that profound question:   Why might you be unwilling to have what you say  you want, in your  business and personal life?

Please note that using that probing question will provide the most useful information when you ask in the context of a very specific intention.  Maybe you have want to go hot air ballooning, take a holiday to Italy, double your number of clients or increase your income by 20%.  Each of those desired results will become more manageable if your own mixed motivations related to your stated desire have been illuminated and neutralized.

So, go for it! CLICK HERE: Chapter-16-Why-Not   
If you decide you must have the your own copy of the entire book  (updated 2/17) , I certainly recommend it. Go to your local bookstore or Amazon.

And, if you seek a personal and private WILLINGNESS CHECK™ and Breakthrough Assessment consultation for yourself, in person or by phone, please do not hesitate to be in touch.  Excavating this information on your own without expert encouragement and support is a challenge. As is selecting very targeted strategies to move beyond them.