Making the Most…in Conversation

“I’m old enough to die.”  At 78, yes, I am here…old enough to die.

Great conversations with my age peers add juice to the mix:   “That means I am also old enough to live my way, without annoyances, aggravations or miseries.”   Or,  “That means I am now old enough to be outrageously authentic for the rest of my days.” 

I like these ideas from my acquaintances…they resonate for me.  How much clearer can it be?   

I’m now old enough, and wise enough, to live the life that is mine, and on my own terms. Period.   You, too.

We all reach the point, at whatever age,  sufficiently prompted to notice what doesn’t work in our lives. And selfish and courageous enough to make some changes.

Friends, local and online, are there to help.   The questions about navigating the path to elderhood are real and resonating. Whether you start addressing them at 55, 60, 65, 70, or 80.   Opportunities abound for great connections with other folks also wanting to be CONSCIOUS CREATORS of MEANING and PURPOSE and JOY.

Get connected with those who are grappling with what’s really important to them and how to do more of it, despite any losses that inevitably occur along the way.

Check out the Conscious Elder Network that is devoted to making conversational space available to talk about the delights, dilemmas and choices of later life.  Their Death Cafe space is deep and rich.

Check out the community colleges in your area as they begin to respond to the boomer generation’s interest in forums for the essential later-in-life conversations.  I’ll be helping to facilitate a few of those offered by Holyoke Community College this fall 2018. Call 552-2123.

Check out Carol Rinehart’s Stamina Project for wide ranging conversations in Western Massachusetts which occur on the fourth Sunday afternoon of the month. You’ll see me there.

Yes, I am old enough to die, and still curious enough to want to keep learning how to make the most of my remaining years.

Won’t you join me?

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