Third Chapter

About Third Chapter Conversations

If you are one of those folks over 60, you probably have noticed that you are entering a new age stage.  You have entertained the reality that at some point you will die, pass on, and no longer grace the planet with your presence. And you may have started asking yourself.”   Hmmm….What does this mean for the way I now want to live my life? What things will I want to be thinking about, to which I never paid much attention before? What is it that I need to talk about with myself, and share with parents, children, partners and allies?”

Most folks are familiar with the requirements to have formal Advance Directives in case of a serious accident or illness, and the need to prepare them in consultation with family members and doctors. We know to appoint a health proxy, a power of attorney, and to create a will. And that each of these requires some thought and conversation. But what about the other things to contemplate and discuss?

  • What about living arrangements as we age?
  • How do we assess our likely needs? And plan to accommodate them?
  • How can we better anticipate what will be required to care for an aging spouse or parent?

And then there are more questions to ponder:

  • How can I live my “remaining days” more true to myself?
  • What constitutes a good death? And how can I have one?
  • What are the sooner than later choices we must make if we are to give ourselves the best odds of fulfilling our preference to live fully all the way to the end?

These, and many other queries, all fall into the category I am calling “third chapter conversations.”  I invite those of you who do want to age powerfully and gracefully, to illuminate your thinking and set your priorities. How will you orchestrate the agreements with family members that support your wishes?

You will find these kinds of programs variously offered in our Pioneer Valley at churches, libraries, and senior centers. Look around.


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My mantra:  Being 10 years too early in your preparations is better than one day too late.”