The Bucket List

So many things to think about….or just allow.

F54E2E6D-D516-4214-AA38-A1905408A957My sister-in-law came over to enjoy a swim the other day with 3 of my 6 grandchildren in tow. She immediately launched into a conversation about her “bucket list” successes. Seems that she had been having a blast doing some of the things she wanted to, while she still had the energy at 73.

She had checked off jet skiing, zip lining, and parasailing. D777B9F9-D6CA-4F04-92B1-054443076023Still to come,
someday, is jumping out of a plane. While none of these activities reside on my bucket list,  I am incurably delighted when I hear of others getting to do what they deeply want. Continue reading

Where’s your STAMINA?

Aging is a challenge! And it takes STAMINA, according to Carol V. Rinehart, 72, founder of the Stamina Project. I love it when I happen upon other folks who who are engaged in their own version of what I like to call, “third chapter conversations.” Generating and holding space for the conversations that explore our lives as older beings, is Carol’s “gig”. Yesterday, on a hot Sunday afternoon, I joined one of those conversations.

As Carol explained: “One of the goals as we age is to develop the muscles that will sustain us, build our resilience, and yes, generate our stamina, for living in a world going crazy around us.” For Carol, the word STAMINA is also her acronym for Strength Training for Aging MINdfully Always. The question she returns to always, no matter how the conversation meanders is: “How can we build mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual strength as we age? What are those muscles?” No matter our circumstances? Continue reading